Mount Saint Dominic Academy


Profile of a Graduate

Following successful completion of their studies, our graduates—united by the shared experience of an education based on the Four Dominican Pillars—are prepared to embark on the journey to adulthood, equipped to grow as individuals, and inspired to make the world a better place.

It is our hope that, as each of our students sets out toward her own future after graduation, she continues to embody the ideals instilled by her education with us.

Graduates of Mount Saint Dominic Academy are lifelong learners, emboldened to explore, analyze, and evaluate ideas and pursue truth through knowledge.

Graduates of the Mount are reflections of God, encouraged to nourish their spirituality through prayer and contemplation, and entrusted with the mission to advocate for truth and compassion in all that they encounter.

Graduates of the Mount are exceptional individuals, propelled to share their unique talents, skills, and voices with society, and mindful that diversity in humanity reflects opportunities for understanding and community development.

Graduates of the Mount are members of the global society, inspired to work for peace, justice, and equality, and empowered to leave a positive impact on the world we share.

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