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Thank You to Mount Academic Dean for Years of Service

Mrs. Linda Arndt is retiring from Mount St. Dominic Academy at the conclusion of this school year. The Mount is grateful for her years of devoted service.  

Mrs. Linda Arndt began her service here at Mount St. Dominic Academy in September 1999. She joined MSDA after teaching fifth grade at St. Anthony’s in Belleville and also eighth grade at St. Peter’s in Belleville since the early 1980s. Her dream of teaching high school came true when a position opened at the Mount. Upon her arrival, she shared that MSDA “just felt like home.” Linda’s love for teaching and for history were evident and she began teaching freshmen U.S. History. Linda then found herself taking on more roles as the years advanced. She taught World History, US History II, and then AP classes. Linda served as Humanities Cluster Chair, Department Chair, and in 2007, became Dean of Academics.

Linda served as a Senior Class moderator and naturally progressed to be a chaperone on the Senior Class Trip to Disney. She has accompanied numerous classes on their much-anticipated trip and has enjoyed the role. She shares one of her most memorable trips was when the girls lured a duck into their room! Another memory is when one of the chaperones had to go back to the Magic Kingdom after midnight to retrieve a senior’s wallet. Her most treasured times on the trip include breakfast together at Chef Mickey–it was all so much fun!

Mrs. Arndt had the privilege of chaperoning three European Mount Trips: England, Germany and Austria, and England again. She had such a great time with the girls–seeing the sights, eating different foods, and shopping for souvenirs. She also fondly recalls decorating for Christmas in homerooms for parties and the Mount’s celebration of Christmas.

Linda remembers coordinating the beginnings of Justice Day. Students were assigned to be members of a first world country, a second world country, or a third world country. She recalls that lunch that day “was the best!” When some of the freshmen complained about the rice they were given for lunch, the librarian said to them, “Aren’t you glad it was cooked in clean water?” It was a funny, yet eye-opening experience.

When thinking about retirement, Linda looks forward to sleeping in! She is a ‘night owl’ and will enjoy sleeping and not having to rush the morning. A voracious reader, Linda has an entire room of books that she plans to get through. She is also anticipating spending time with Bernie, her best friend since high school, and her granddaughter. She wishes the best for the Mount and hopes to see the MSDA legacy continue on in the future.

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