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Mount Monday Faculty Profile – Sister Peggy Ann Clinton, OP

Meet Sister Peggy Ann Clinton, OP, Religion Teacher at Mount St. Dominic Academy. She cites that the young women of the Mount, past and present, give her insight and wisdom. Read more to learn about having found her niche:

Sister Peggy Ann Clinton, OP is currently here at Mount St. Dominic Academy for her 25th year.  She spent 20 years teaching religion and then had a brief stint as Vocation Director for the Sisters of St. Dominic in Caldwell. Sister Peggy Ann is now enjoying her 5th year back at the Mount for two reasons: Mount St. Dominic Academy is a sponsored work of her congregation and it is her most favorite thing to do.

Sister Peggy Ann taught grade school for eight years in her young years as a Dominican. She continued on to get a master’s degree in Theology. After that accomplishment, she was asked to come to the Mount. She cites this move as having found her niche!

Most favorite things

The young women, past and present, are her most favorite part of this ministry.  They give her insight and wisdom regardless of whether they are 17 or 40.

While shopping at a local Hallmark store, Sister Peggy Ann came across some inspiration. The simple brown bag that contained her purchase had quotes that she loves —

“Keep your heart brave and your imagination wild.”


“We create ourselves as we go.”

She says, “They give me good images and keep me doing what I do.”

Right here at MSDA

Sister Peggy Ann shared a few fun facts. She likes to read, walk, swim when she can, and spend time with people! When asked where in the world would she want to be? No doubt about it–right HERE at Mount St. Dominic Academy! If she could meet anyone, it would be our 32nd President Franklin D. Roosevelt, her favorite president. She had the opportunity to visit his library last fall and says she is inspired by how “he called us beyond ourselves.”

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