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Mount Monday Faculty Profile – Brooke Hudd

This week’s faculty profile features Brooke Hudd, Psychology Teacher at Mount St. Dominic Academy. She teaches the young women at the Mount about themselves, others, and mostly, a little about how everything works. Read more to learn about the wonderful environment in her classroom:

MSDA Psychology Faculty Profile

Ms. Brooke Hudd started studying psychology in college, and everything about it interested her. She particularly loves research. She is fascinated that the field is constantly adapting and advancing as the studies and literature reveal more and more about ourselves and our world. Her great passion is for behavior analysis, social psychology, and clinical psychology.

The Mount’s good environment

When asked to name the favorite part of her job, Ms. Hudd states that it just can’t be done! There’s just so many! She is thrilled that she can focus on something she is so passionate about, while at the same time she can teach the young women at the Mount about themselves, others, and mostly, a little about how everything works. She loves teaching them skills that can help them in life. When students have moments of insight and when things about the world click for them, Ms. Hudd is particularly proud. But what she REALLY loves most is her students! It’s such a good environment in the Mount’s classroom. Students are willing to buckle down and learn. They also know how much she loves to joke around and laugh! Ms. Hudd is grateful that the students always brighten her day with their kindness and humor.

A special project that Ms. Hudd includes each year is her “Mean Girls” analysis project. This year’s assignment was specifically geared toward adolescent behaviors, including social comparisons, explanatory styles of thinking, identifying various coping mechanisms used by the characters, and peer relations. Even though it’s becoming an older movie, students really enjoy watching it through a different, psychological lens. She works on this during the winter, because it’s a great way to help students de-stress, laugh, and realize that learning and applying their knowledge to the seemingly ordinary can be fun!

Remember to be grateful

Her advice for current students? Remember to be grateful! Just stopping to think of three things each day can improve your mood and overall outlook on life so much. She feels we can get so wrapped up in social media and the mundane issues in life. It’s so important to make time to think about what really matters.

Spending time outside of MSDA, Ms. Hudd enjoys long walks with her pup, Bailey. She loves to cook and experiment with different recipes. She shares that most of them have been successful!!!

If she could be anywhere in the world right now, Ms. Hudd declares: “GET ME TO THE WARMEST, SUNNIEST BEACH – ASAP!”

A favorite quote: “Don’t believe everything you think.” Ms. Hudd states that many people have said this–and with good reason!

The last book she read was “The Prince of Tides” by Pat Conway. Amazing but incredibly sad, so she then took a break with “Behave: The Biology of Humans At Our Best and Worst” by Robert M. Sapolsky. Her dad sent it to her, and she is hooked!

If she could meet anyone in the world, Ms. Hudd would really want to meet Dr. Philip Zimbardo. He is such a fascinating individual, and she’d love to hear his current thoughts on his past research, especially on the mentality of prisoners. The research speaks for itself, but she thinks that even shaking his hand would be an honor.



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