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Mount Monday Faculty Profile – Andrew DeCotiis-Mauro

This week’s Mount Faculty Profile features Mr. Andrew DeCotiis-Mauro, Science Teacher at MSDA. He enjoys learning new things, reads a lot, watches many tutorials on YouTube, and also writes on Medium. Read more to learn about his favorite part of teaching.

Andrew Mauro studied chemistry because he wanted to learn about how the world works. His favorite part of teaching is guiding students through a tough problem, seeing them get the idea, and finishing the problem on their own.

Learn, collaborate, plan, design, and think creatively

Since 2016, Mr. Mauro has included a ‘real-world’ project in Physics class. On their own, students learn about and present a chapter to the class. The project’s goal is to teach real-world skills: learning material on your own, working collaboratively with others, planning and designing a presentation/lesson, and thinking creatively about how to best get an abstract idea across to others. He shares that it’s “my favorite part of the course because my role really becomes a mentor or guide rather than the authority.”

His advice for students is to:

“Always try to challenge yourself. You can achieve a lot more than you’d expect if given the opportunity; however, the opportunity usually has to be created by you! So challenge yourself, try new things, and ask for help.”

An avid learner

Outside of MSDA, Mr. Mauro enjoys learning new things. He reads a lot and watches many tutorials on YouTube. He also occasionally writes on Medium. He’s been studying a lot about machine learning and how artificial intelligence can be used to make systems more effective.

The last book he read is A Short Guide to Marketing Model Alignment & Design by David Young. If he could be anywhere in the world right now, he’d be traveling in Germany. One of his favorite movies is The Man from Earth.

An inspiring quote for him is:

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!” 

― Richard Branson

Mr. Mauro thinks Richard Feynman would be a really neat person to have met. He enjoyed reading some of his stories in What Do You Care What Other People Think?  Mr. Mauro displayed Mr. Branson’s inspiration with his students and the quote above appears on the wall in the science classroom. He shares that, “Mr. Feynman thought about things in a different way and really defied the stereotype of a scientist.”

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