Mount Saint Dominic Academy


Freshman Transition Program

Special Support in the transition to High School

It is never easy starting anew so the Mount has developed a yearlong, comprehensive program for Freshman year. Multiple departments including admissions, school counseling, academics media services, and student activities have collaborated to create a series of fun, enjoyable activities and classes that help the girls become acclimated, develop good friends, and get set for academic success and personal growth. These activities include:

  • Summer Rookie camp for incoming freshmen
  • 2-Day Freshman orientation
  • Peer Leadership
  • Freshman Lock-in
  • Freshman Forum
  • Research Ready
  • Reading

Summer Rookie Camp

Summer Rookie Camp in August is for our incoming freshmen class. Students gather for two days of ice-breakers, games and friendship building activities in preparation for their arrival at The Mount in September. Upperclassmen spend time with the girls getting to know one another and showing them around the school. It was a great way to welcome the new members of The Mount and get them ready to begin their new school year!

2-Day Freshman Orientation

The two day Freshman Orientation allows students to become familiar with the high school environment. Freshmen are introduced to members of the faculty and administration and given tours of the building. The orientation is held prior to the first day of school and hosted by the Peer Leadership Program.

Peer Leadership Program

The Peer Leadership Program is an ongoing orientation program for the Freshman class. Peer groups of ten to twelve Freshmen, meeting one period weekly for the first semester, are facilitated by two Senior leaders. Topics of importance include improving self-esteem, acceptance and appreciation of self and others, encouraging healthy life habits, values clarification, decision-making skills, time management techniques, effective communication, transition to high school, and others as they arise.

Freshman Lock-in

Freshman Lock-in is a community building event for the freshmen class hosted by the Peer Leadership Program. Students spend the night in the Athletic Center, playing games and creating bonds with their peers.

Freshman Forum

This course replaces Peer Leadership in the second semester. The topics covered include but are not limited to the following: Study Skills, Learning Styles, Nutrition and Wellness, Dating and Self Esteem issues, School involvement and representation. The course concludes with a liturgy planned by the Freshman class.

Research Ready

It is no secret that research skills are some of the most important tools that students need to carry with them throughout high school, college, and well into their careers. However, it is often one of the technical skills that tend to be considered secondary in comparison to academic skills within the classroom. In this course, students will work alongside the library media specialist in order to complete the Research Ready online program that will develop their understanding of research and critical thinking skills.


Sustained silent reading can be defined as a period of uninterrupted silent reading. This course is based upon the principle that reading is a skill and like all skills, the more one uses it, the better one gets at it. Within this allotted course time each week, students have the opportunity to sit back, grab a book, relax, and READ. Reading logs are kept to document progress throughout the marking period and the course culminates in an educational technology project that directly correlates to one of the stories, characters, or plot lines that they have read throughout the duration of the marking period.

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