Mount Saint Dominic Academy

Four Year Timeline

The Basics start in Freshman Year

Preparation for college starts in freshman year. Students are taught to set goals, both academic and personal. We emphasize study and organizational skills and time management strategies, which are keys to success in high school and of critical importance in college.

Assessment Process starts in Sophomore Year

We assist each girl to begin a process of self-exploration via personality assessment and creating a career interest inventory. Students are introduced and register for Family Connection from Naviance, a comprehensive, highly individualized website focused on helping students with the college application process and career development.  Counselors also visit sophomore classes to discuss PSAT result interpretation and the various standardized testing options for junior year.

Search, Meeting Colleges, Testing in Junior Year

Our efforts accelerate throughout the year to discuss individual post high school planning for higher education and career development.  In the fall, students can attend information presentations from over forty colleges and universities in the school counseling resource center.  Students meet individually with their counselor and in a college planning seminar to discuss college planning and the application process.  Families are encouraged to meet with the counselor for individual conferences and attend a college planning night in the spring.  During the summer, workshops are held for college essay writing and Common Application completion.

Topics discussed include:

  • how to create a balanced college list of reach, target, and safety schools
  • important factors to consider such as a college’s noted programs, internship and research opportunities, as well as educational philosophy, size, and location
  • how to select and interpret the standardized tests
  • interview techniques
  • how to make the most of campus tours and college information sessions to see if a college is a good “match”
  • responsibilities of students, teachers, and counselors in the college application process

Applying, Advocating, and Deciding on the Best College in Senior Year

Through weekly group sessions, individual conferences, and two evening parent group meetings, we focus our efforts on application preparation and decisions, financial aid and scholarship information, professional email writing skills, and the logistics of obtaining and sending all supporting documents to the colleges and scholarship organizations. Advocating on each student’s behalf, we provide the colleges with comprehensive, individualized letters of recommendation.

Activity Catalog

College Planning Night for Underclassmen Students and Parents
College Night for Seniors & Parents
College Financial Aid Night
Individual College Planning Sessions
College Essay Writing Workshop
College Common Application Workshop
College Interviewing Techniques
College & Career Naviance Research
SAT/ACT Practice testing
College Representative Visits
Junior Seminar: College and Career Planning
Senior Fall Seminar: College Application Preparation
Senior Spring Seminar: Preparing for College Life


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