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The Aquinas Honors program

Mount Saint Dominic offers courses on an Honors level and also on a college prep level. Admittance to our Aquinas Honors program is by invitation. We offer freshmen Honors courses in History, Language, Algebra or Geometry, English and Biology. Admittance is based on standardized testing, COOP results and past academic performance, including possible review by the Academic Deans. A student may be invited into and may accept one or more courses.

During course selection in February, students may request placement in Honors or AP courses. The Academic Deans review the students’ record and issue contracts to those who meet the requirements.

Placement in the right course and level is a priority for us. A student may place out of certain courses by taking a placement test. Placement tests are offered to place out of Algebra and/or Geometry and level one or two in Language. Please ask questions and inform us of your concerns and needs. We promise to address them!

Courses: 25 offered across academic disciplines:

English I – Grade 9
English II – Grade 10
English III – Grade 11
English IV – Grade 12

Algebra I – Grade 9
Geometry – Grades 9, 10
Algebra II  – Grades 9, 10, 11
Precalculus – Grades 10, 11, 12

Social Studies
World History and Cultures – Grade 9
U.S. History I – Grade 10
U.S. History Il – Grade 11
Modern European History – Grade 12

Biology – Grade 9
Chemistry – Grades 10, 11, 12
Physics  – Grades 11, 12
Anatomy and Physiology  – Grades 11, 12

World Languages
French I, Spanish I – Grade 9
French II, Spanish II – Grade 9, 10
French III, Spanish III  – Grade 9, 10, 11
French IV, Spanish IV  – Grade 11, 12
French V – Grade 11, 12

Eligibility for Honors Program


  • Are accepted based on previous academic records and/or the Cooperative Admissions Exam
  • Incoming Freshmen are notified of their acceptance for an Honors course(s) along with their MSDA acceptance letter in late January.

Advanced Placement Courses

100% of MSDA’s AP courses are recognized and approved by the College Board.

Courses: 14 offered across academic disciplines

AP English Language and Composition – Grade 11
AP English Literature and Composition – Grade 12

AP Calculus AB – Grades 11, 12
AP Calculus BC – Grade 12
AP Statistics – Grades 11, 12

Social Studies
AP United States History – Grade 11
AP U.S. Government and Politics – Grade 12
AP Psychology – Grades 11, 12
AP World History – Grade 12

AP Biology – Grades 11, 12
AP Chemistry – Grades 11, 12
AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based – Grades 11, 12

Visual and Performing Arts
AP Studio Art: 2-D Design – Grade 12

World Languages
AP Spanish Language and Culture – Grade 12

Eligibility for Advanced Placement Courses

Include all of the requirements for Honors listed above PLUS the following considerations:

  • An interview with the Academic Dean
  • The ability to write comparative and analytical essays
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently
  • The commitment to the extra time and work required

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