Mount Saint Dominic Academy


Signature Programs

Mount St. Dominic Academy engages its students in a few special programs that enrich our young women’s lives, both for their own personal and academic growth as well as giving back to the community. The experiences are regularly cited by students as being highlights of their time at the Mount.

Peer Leadership

Peer Leadership, is designed with a dual purpose:

  • to assist incoming Freshmen in adjusting to the new world of high school
  • to foster the leadership qualities of selected Seniors by helping Freshmen in the adjustment process

The Peer Leadership Program is an ongoing orientation program for the Freshman class, facilitated by twenty Senior leaders. Topics of importance include improving self-esteem, acceptance and appreciation of self and others, encouraging healthy life habits, values clarification, decision-making skills, time management techniques, effective communication, transition to high school, and others as they arise. Other components of the program are Freshman Orientation, which takes place for the first two days of school, and the Freshman Lock-In, which is an overnight experience at the school in early November. Peer Leaders attend a Leadership Retreat at the beginning of September as well as additional classes on a regular basis for ongoing training.

Seniors who have volunteered and have qualified for this leadership role are given special training. Under the direction of moderator Kristen Zosche, an English teacher at The Mount, the Seniors learn how to facilitate group discussion and group activities for the incoming Freshmen, drawing upon their own experiences to initiate their younger peers into life at The Mount.

SEE Peer Leadership in Student Life for more details.

Siena Community Service Program

With so many opportunities available to our students, we ask that they give a little back to their community through our four-year Siena Community Service Program. This program, which is a graduation requirement, is designed to introduce each student gradually to the experience and responsibility of helping others. Ultimately, we strive to give our students a lifelong dedication to the value of service.

  • Each year, students are responsible for logging in a specified number of hours in community service.
  • As a student advances in school, her number of accountable hours increases and the area of service moves from on-campus to off-campus outreach.
  • During her Senior year, each student writes about her service experience, reflecting on the impact and value of her work.

The Siena Program allows our young women to use their strengths to help strengthen others. As students discover, respond to and become more personally involved with the needs of others, they come to realize that service can be a privilege which often gives the helper as much as the one she helps.

SEE Siena Community Service in Student Life for details.

The Justice Project

The Justice Project is an ongoing, school wide immersion in justice as a lived response to Catholic social teaching. Students participate in a yearly Justice Day as well as ongoing projects calling for action.

Dominican Preachers

The Mount’s Dominican Preaching Team allows students to continue in the important tradition of the Dominican order, the Order of Preachers. Students have the opportunity to develop and practice their preaching skills, lead the Mount community in prayer and serve important roles during liturgies. Members of the team are also selected to attend the national Dominican High Schools Preaching Conference, held each year in Michigan.

Big Sister – Little Sister

A tradition of the Mount for decades, Big Sister – Little Sister is an additional program designed to ease the newcomers’ transition to high school — a friendly face ready to give guidance and support.

  • Summer before the student enters the Mount each incoming Freshman is contacted by her big sister, a Junior who welcomes and helps with any concerns or questions the younger student may have
  • The relationship continues the next two years during events such as the Christmas Party, Ring Ceremony, and Big Sister – Little Sister Games Day

Senior Seminar

Seniors begin to prepare for life beyond high school and learn about the opportunities and resources to take advantage of in college. Topics discussed include campus living, healthy decision-making skills, financial literacy, and academic and career planning.

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