Mount Saint Dominic Academy


Religious Tradition

Who We Are

We are part of over 27,000 Dominican religious found in over 100 countries around the world. Founded by St. Dominic 800 years ago, our Order is a global community of preachers, educators and scholars.

Caldwell Dominicans became an independent congregation in 1881. Our formal name is “the Sisters of Saint Dominic of the American Congregation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.” Each Dominican congregation of Sisters has a patron saint or title. For that reason, the Caldwell Dominican’s congregational shield has the red section added to the traditional black and white Dominican shield.

What We Believe

The Dominican Motto
The motto of the Dominican Order is Veritas, Truth and Caritas, the need for human compassion and mercy.

The Four Pillars
There are four pillars of our lives: prayer, study, community and mission.

Prayer is the heart. Whether private or public, prayer is a dialogue. At the Mount, we communally pray daily as well as during regular and special liturgies.

Study is an ongoing process. The eminent Dominican theologian, Thomas Aquinas, is an example of scholarship and the constant questioning in search of truth. At the Mount, we are a community of learners who challenge each other in the pursuit of academic excellence.

Community helps make the individual journey easier. At the Mount we build community by sharing our talents and gifts with each other in the classroom, our liturgies, outreach to those in need, in our student organizations, on our athletic teams, performing arts groups and at social events.

Mission is the call to serve others. At the Mount, students learn that they have a responsibility to lend a helping hand serve and do so through the Siena Service program.


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