Mount Saint Dominic Academy


Why All-Girls High School?

An all-girls high school education is the key to the Mount’s exceptional culture: one that fosters self-respect, loyalty and achievement. Free of the pressures of competing for attention socially and academically, the girls are at liberty to be themselves in the classroom, focus on their work and develop into strong leaders.

All-girls success and accomplishment

At an all-girls high school like the Mount, the peer pressure is positive. Mount students view success and accomplishment as desirable goals and are genuinely proud to see each other succeed. Inevitably, this solidarity evolves into friendships which are deep and, often, lifelong.

Research on All-Girls High School Education

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  • Young women who attend single-sex schools perform better than girls in co-ed schools regardless of ability levels or socioeconomic status.
                       -The National Foundation for Education Research
  • Young women who attend all-girls high schools develop higher levels of self-esteem, typically score 30% higher on SAT tests than the girls’ national average and are twice as likely to earn doctorates.
                       –National Coalition of Girls’ Schools
  • Girls think, interact and make decisions in ways that are both psychologically and developmentally different than boys and that male-based models of education do not fit the ways girls learn.
                       -Researchers at Harvard University

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